The School Site

Chief Ratu’s generosity and commitment to the project brought this grant of Native Lands for the purpose the School, for 550 years. Our project initiative is supported by the Fijian Government’s Native Lands Trust Board, the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, and the Ministry of Education. The actual site was selected by our Architect, Jocelyn Mackay, working with Chief Ratu to meet his criteria for an educational campus for the children of Fiji. It has its roots in the mountains and valleys that are characteristic of Fiji, as well as a commanding aspect of the ocean which encompasses a vision of the Fiji disposition. It is a neutral site, which cannot be impeded by religion or ethnic disposition, and it provides ample room for future expansion. It also has access to all necessary services and an established road to Sigatoka. The freedom of not being encumbered by an urban environment is inherent in this site, allowing children to have a deeper connection and interaction with their natural environment.


The 100 acre site is 7 km from Sigatoka. It incorporates an elegance of space and geography to accommodate and grow the school campus in successive phases. There is separation for each of the levels of education, the supporting facilities, the VTEC programs, and the self-sustaining community of teachers and parents to live within the Centre. Overall dimensions are about 500 meters wide by nearly 800 meters deep, with up to 20 m slope over the built areas.


The site is accessible by road between Sikatoga and the Shangri La Resort and is approximately 10 km from the main south coast road through Sigatoka. The terrain is sufficiently open and of gradients that will not be unduly to susceptible to typhoons or flooding from seasonal rains. All the buildings are designed to withstand significant seismic loads and typhoon level winds. The site is sufficiently back from the coast to be protected from extreme on-shore storms and flooding. The site is completely surrounded by land pertaining to the Native Lands Trust and independent from direct commercial interests or development.