The Plan for Project Bula !SM has been prepared for the Government of Fiji, the Provincial Council of Nadroga Navosa, and philanthropic partners and participants worldwide. It covers the following: the history and work done on the project to date; the scope, schedule and costs to build a school for rural Fijian children; fundraising plans; and school curriculum.

Project Bula !SM has advanced to having a 100-acre site in prime location, and master planning for all building phases. Also under development is the Master Plan for the teaching program. This program is in direct accordance with the standards and goals of Fiji’s Ministry of Education, and it is designed to meet the needs and objectives described in the Fiji Rural Education Report 2003 and the Republic of Fiji Ministry of Education’s Annual Corporate Plans of 2006 and 2007. And while the teaching program is still under discussion, the plan provides a clear frame of reference for requirements, priorities and programs needed and sought for “Educating the Child Holistically for a Peaceful and Prosperous Fiji.”

Construction Drawings have been developed for Phase I for a campus that supports up to 600 students; all buildings have been designed with considerable flexibility for cash flow, syllabus growth, and program development. Project Bula !SM has reached the stage where the goals, objectives and initial environment elements are well defined.

We now seek substantial funding needed to commence Construction Phase I of the building program. Project Bula !SM needs about $8M USD in direct building construction costs to achieve a viable school environment with five of the Phase I buildings completed, within eighteen months of commencement. The project plans and construction documentation are ready and awaiting final approvals. We estimate that a further $4M USD is needed, being $2M for indirect construction costs including site costs, professional fees and other costs and fees related to construction.


“Our architectural program is an expression of the Suva Declaration from the Ministry of Education.” This encompasses the Ministry’s vision of “Educating the child holistically for a peaceful and prosperous Fiji”.

Accommodation is planned initially for the current level of high school students, 8 to 15 years old, numbering about 150. In addition there will be young adults who are no longer at high school but are not sufficiently trained, numbering about 100. Phase I will result in a school and grounds that will support at least 250 students, along with faculty and administrative staff. Phase I buildings are designed to be flexible so that they can accommodate up to approximately 400 students, mostly residential.

The school site is approximately 100 acres of land near Sigatoka, It is located on the south west coast of the main island of Fiji, Vitu Levu, between Nadi and the capital, Suva.

Chief Ratu’s generosity and commitment to the project brought this grant of Native Lands for the purpose the School. Our project initiative is supported by the Fijian Government’s Native Lands Trust Board, the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, and the Ministry of Education.