The project has already progressed substantially through the life cycle of a complex building project. The Study is completed, along with a Master Plan for the site. The site has been selected and donated to the project. Architectural Construction drawings, completed for Phase I, are in the final stages of approval by the Fijian authorities.

Phase I Construction initally will comprise the Library, Community Center, Inspiration Point and two dormitories. In addition, accommodation and administrative space will be provided for teachers. The site will be structured and shaped, and basic services installed prior to the commencement of building structures.

After completion of Phase I, the Foundation will formally hand over the completed works to the School Board. We will then inaugurate the alumni maintenance support program (using the apprentices) and start the Endowment Fund. At this point, the Foundation will have completed its responsibilities for the provision and implementation of this phase of the school. This process will be repeated for Phases 2 through 5. The Joinery Factory and any other support groups set up initially to build the infrastructure will also be handed over to the Board.

Time frame for the first part of Phase I is 18 months from commencement. The project plans and construction documentation are ready and awaiting final approvals by the Fijian authorities. Project Bula !TM needs approximately $8M USD in direct building construction costs to achieve a viable school environment with five of the Phase I buildings completed.

In addition we estimate that a further $4M USD is needed for site costs, professional fees and costs related to construction, and marketing and administration costs for the Foundation to create and manage the project.

Direct Construction Costs – Phases 1 through 5 in USD
These costs are indicative only based on the building sizes and types, with particular site works and preparation needed for each Phase. Later Phases may changed with changes to the building program. Detailed cost estimates will be prepared for each set of contracts.






Indirect Construction Costs

Other costs directly related to the construction program will be:
– Professional Architectural Fees and full time Supervision on site
for the duration of the construction period
– Site Supervisor (Clerk of Works) on site
– Quantity Surveying and Cost Management services, in Fiji
– Provision of utilities, services and permits to the site,
in conjunction with the Fijian authorities and service providers
– Clinic with two beds, an LPN and a doctor on call
– The Board members will need to travel to Fiji at different times
to meet with the Provincial Council, the Ministry of Education,
and other participants
– Insurances: · Workers Compensation Insurance will be provided
for all direct construction employees and sub-contractor labor
· Liability insurance as required by Fijian law

Our total estimate for these costs is approximately $2,000,000 USD.