Min_of_Ed_2006-2008The preparation of the Project Plan for Project Bula !TM has many references and resources. We have highlighted and linked the most important to provide background information. This list will be expanded as the project proceeds. A few summary documents, also available as public record, have been included for convenience on this site as PDF downloads.

The EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE FIJI ISLANDS in the United States, has a comprehensive website at:

The Fijian Ministry of Education’s Strategic Plan 2006 – 2008 (cover above) provides detailed information on the goals, objectives and current status of schooling in Fiji. This is a large document (approx. 35MB) which can downloaded from the “Paddle” site here. We have included a shorter PDF summary document (1.9MB) from the Ministry of Education for viewing or download, here.

The Ministry of Education’s 2007 Annual Corporate Plan continues the detailed plan referred to above and brings further information relevant to our project. We have also included this public document (5.3MB) for review or download in PDF format here.

An important study concerning education in rural Fiji was undertaken in 2003 by the Government of Fiji in conjunction with a team from the EU and AusAID support. This comprehensive report provides detailed background of the needs, objectives and priorities for growth which are still valid today. The report (8.5MB) can be downloaded from the “Paddle” site here.